World-class baking equipment specialist

【Brand origin】

Love the new South, the classic race Sida. Southstar brand English "Southstar" is the best note. Southern Star, highlighting the baking sector of the obvious level of brand dreams and the pursuit. This is also the brand Saxi before and after the future, the future development, the courage and determination to develop

【Brand Positioning】

Southstar from the beginning of the birth of the marked: energy, environmental protection, technology, care, classic brand

【Brand goal】

Become a world-class intelligent control baking equipment experts is the goal of tireless efforts

World-class baking equipment specialist

World-class baking equipment specialist

World-class baking equipment specialist

Founded in 1991, with 100,000 square meters of factory area, the existing staff of 680 people, is well-known brands "new

South" "EBE" and "Southstar" baking equipment and food processing machinery professional manufacturer.

Products are gas food oven, electric food oven, hot air rotary furnace, tunnel furnace, hot air circulation furnace, double action

two speed and noodle machine, bread proofing box / room / host, frozen proofing box,

Square bag machine, chiller, cake / bread production line, tart leather molding machine, knock egg machine, cake block ma

chine, cold water mixing machine. The annual output of 60,000 (sets), the products have been issued by the state production

license and inspection certificate, and through the CE, UL, TUV, BV and ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification. Baking in

dustry first by the National Standardization Management Committee issued by the good behavior of enterprises AAAA level

High quality equipment
World-class baking equipment specialist


From 1991 baking equipment and food processing machinery manufacturers a number of baking machinery national and industry standards drafters and developers.

The founder of the national standard, the industry leader.

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