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From:   Author:   Date:2012-04-24  

In December 7, 2011, the New South, Seth companies successfully held the" New South, Seth amounted to 2011Annual General Assembly manufacturers". The dealer friends a thousand miles, go and come, bring us sincere greeting, blessing, is our company's strong support and fully affirmed the true embodiment.
Review meeting process, let us feeling is quite deep, only meeting scene warm atmosphere, but also is not only in the brilliant performances, more is this conference planning, venue layout and reception staff and other details of the work. As chairman, said Tang, a drop of water that the entire ocean, a grain of sand in the desert of visible. The subtle see the truth! In order to let this should be linked successfully held as scheduled, company leaders gave a high degree of attention, the company full participation, the leaders of each department also visit the scene to guide and work. The whole plant of the external environment of the health overhaul and management work, the scene of the layout and the VIP reception affairs; as each of the items placed, banners hanging is quite exquisite. Attentive service, meticulous care, let the guests like family's feeling, but also reflects the game company guy good interpersonal atmosphere and deep cultural background!
The conference begins, Tang as chairman of meeting speech to make, to our distinguished guests coming from afar friends express my heartfelt thanks and sincere greetings! Tang chairman speech, speak in excitement emotion, streamlined capable, affectionate, far-reaching significance! He talk about a few words, sidewalk was founded twenty years of achievement, development power, current market situation, the company's future goals and direction. At the same time, he again tell the future is bright, but the road is tortuous, only pay one hundred percent effort, and grasp the pulse of the market, to know yourself as well as the enemy, be ever-victorious! Tang chairman 's words, so we times get encouragement, inspired by!
Then, is a fan factory director is company development course and achievements were vivid and brief introduction, let all the guests and we know and understand the company 's past, present and future development direction, at the same time, also let us understand deeply to the company fast development and reap the results of today easy! The company over the past twenty years, is a brilliant twenty years, it is like a bear in mind the New South, Seth master in the company's development process with the breath, in all destiny, share of hardship and suffering, sharing the sweet and happy history, it fully represents new south, Seth master in the tide of reforming and opening make efforts, optimistic self-confidence, dare be a person first high aspirations and firm and indomitable spirit!
Subsequently, the Tang general manager meeting for the toast, dinner is beginning. The banquet, the company invited from Guangzhou City Kemao troupe of actors brought for everybody dance show" friends"," let's make a toast, holiday song" and so on, industrial and Commercial Bank of Guangzhou City troupe of actors performing modern dance" hat salute", also from rainbow company women live for you the wonderful dance Hula" cool"; dazzling colors, beautiful dance, dynamic melody, let everyone enjoy dinner when, also can enjoy the rich and colorful performances; as well as our company two amateur actors directed performing" said Seth of good product" fat thin tall, collocation, humorous words, expressions and exaggerated movements, we have won waves of warm applause! Everyone in the joy and peace of the time spent the day. Soon the guests leave time, they took away our new south, Seth master beautiful voice, sincere blessing, leaving a sweet smile!
The company's 2011 Annual General Assembly manufacturers, successfully ended, he asked the people to show their full of youthful vigor, yingzi; also is indicating that the Forsythe company history will enter a new era!

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