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From:   Author:   Date:2012-08-24  

Product features:

 1.Electric deck oven, double layer heat preservation, Wide glass window and lighting equipment.

2.Extra wide and deep hearth ,suitable for various sizes of baking trays.

3.Thanks to the reflecting board equipped for upper fire section ,fire in the chamber is more uniform

4.High quality heating elements, features fast heat up,Saving energy.

5.Automatic temperature control and time alarming.

6.Safe protection for temperature exceeding.

7.Tray size:400x600mm

Product parameters:

Model specification Dimension N.W Vol(v) Power(Kw)
YXD-90C     3decks9trays 1650x860x1565 380   380   24
YXD-60C 3decks6trays 1220x860x1540 288 380 19.5
YXD-40C 2decks4trays 1220x860x1255 198 380 13
YXD-20C 1decks2trays 1220x860x525 128 380 6.5
YXD-10AC 3decks9trays 920x640x440 68 380/220 3