Electric Rotary Oven

Model:NFX-64D Votage:380V 3N~
Energy:ELECTRIC Power:74KW
Capacity:2 TROLLEYS(64 TRAYS) Weight:2750KG
More:Tray size: 400*600/460*720mm
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Product Feature

1. Trolley in and out, high work efficiency, suitable for food company, big hotel.

2. The oven chamber is consist of three parts, front, middle and back. The heat-exchanger is in the back of the chamber, and the exhaust gas exhausts from the blow vent. This unique hot air circulation system gurantees sufficient convection, even temperature and optimal baking performance.

3. Two speeds in hot air circulation.

4 .The oven stops when the door’s open during baking. If the trolley is not at the right place, you can adjust its position with mechanical switch and take out the trolley accordingly.

5. Each function comes with an indicator, in case malfunctions occur, you can find it out immediately.

6. Five sections adjustable air outlet ensures sufficient convection and even temperature.

7. When door’s open, the air ejector extracts the exhaust air and heat automatically.

8. There-layer insulation is as thick as 135mm in total, good heat preserv




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