Electric Luxury Deck Oven

Model:NFD-60F Votage:3N~380V
Energy:ELECTRIC Power:24KW
Capacity:3 DECKS 6 TRAYS Weight:610KG
More:Tray size: 400*600/460*720mm
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Product Feature


 1. Luxurious & elegent appearance, suitable for shopping mall, supermarket and bakery.

2. Applying Japan-imported heaters, features even baking and good performance.

3. Digital panel shows accurate temperature and time.

4. Core spare parts are imported, safe, durable.

5. Front wall applys black Titanium alloy, colors in gold and silver optional.

6. The oven features quick heating-up and good heat preservation. Saving energy and longer using life.

7. Each deck can be used separately. Top fire & bottom fire can be controlled separately, too.

8. High work efficiency and low energy-consumption.

9. Lava stone & steamer are optional. With lava stone, the oven can be used for baking pizza; with steamer, the oven can be used for baking crispy dough products.


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