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1. Profile
Guangzhou Southstar Machine Facilities Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991, the enterprise has over 60000 square meters plant, employees more than 680, is a well-known brand' XINNANFANG' and' SOUTHSTAR' baking food processing machinery and equipment manufacturers of professional, the annual production oven over thirty thousand, mainly is: gas oven, electric oven, diesel \ gas type hot-air rotary oven, gas / electric tunnel oven, double motion and double speed mixer, fermentation room, proofer, divider, bread slicer and production lines and so on, the series was awarded the national industrial products production license and certificate of competency.
'A lot of the 'XINNANFANG' brand series of products for its excellent quality, beautiful style known at home and abroad, in recent years has participated in the China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair ). Our goods have exported to North America, Western Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions, in the overseas market has been unanimously praised. Early in the year 1993 won the 'National Food Technology Trade Fair & Food Expo Silver' and other awards. From the beginning of 1999, the company began to establish ISO:9001 quality system certification, established a '”Quality of survival, to species and development, we think customers are thinking, be anxious by anxious customers' the quality policy.
From raw materials into the factory to all aspects of the production process, have strict control. Truly unqualified raw materials production, unqualified semi-manufactured goods does not transfer, substandard products not manufactured. To ensure that the' Southstar' to' XINNANFANG' series of products can smoothly through the national, provincial, Municipal Bureau checks. To ensure that users can rest assured that the purchase and using. In 2006, my company for trade and Industry Bureau issued a 'Value contract keeping promises' honor, and became the National Association of industry and Commerce Union vice president of baking.
Over the years, company keeps up with the success of baking industry development trend, continue to study the international advanced technology, combined with national conditions and development and improvement. In ensuring product performance under the premise of promoting spare parts, localization, greatly reduce the cost of production, so that our customers get real benefits.
In the after -service, our company standing products repair class, invite dealers to the factory to learn professional repair technology, more conducive for customer service. Developed' based in Guangdong, covering the whole country' strategic principle. Nationwide, and gradually establish a sound distribution network, and foster a high quality after sale service team. At the same time, the company sends a repair personnel inspection market, not only assist the distributors development work, but also for the end customers to provide technical services and support.
Southstar company follow the baking industry development trend, absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology, developed a variety of professional baking machinery, and constantly develop new products suitable for customers.
Founded nearly twenty years, adhere to the' quality of life, high-quality advocacy work, low profile for people, low demand of' cultural taste, often carry out various wholesome research learning, outbound exchange visits, coruscate business all staff of team spirit.
Southstar will as in the past, the spirit of 'customer first, the credibility of the first' purpose, innovation, enterprising, dedicated dedication to customers more good quality, reasonably priced products, spare no effort to promote the development of baking industry!